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Studying for exams...   
06:33pm 30/05/2004
mood: silly
Heyhey... heres a little poem for u guys that are studying ur asses off out there... it will set you free!

Time Bomb

High fly
No higher than the sky
Sun reaches the Earth

I’ve gone the way the wind blows
Been turned out
Turned on

Now the form stands still
Nothing can move me now
Strike me

The roots of a tree
Silence and beauty
Will uproar

Been turned on
Tuned out

Earth reaches the sun
No lower than the sky
Low fly

Slow fly
Take your time
There is no rewind

(Give Me the Money!)

Bad luck gone wild (this is from my old journal)   
09:00am 26/05/2004
mood: aggravated
Alrighty- lets just start on what happened yesturday... I was in a car accident. A bad one. We went to the Cabbore (sry if there is a spelling error) and then dropped Beth off at her house. We then were on our way home and decided to go through Loch Raven... the gate was closed but it would soon be opened in like a minute... so we were waiting there, parked on the side of the road, and a motorcyclist infront of us. The man finally comes (the one that is supposed to be unlocking the gate). As he starts unlocking the gate, he stops and says, "They are not going to stop!"... a car (royal blue race car--> almost like in Fast and Furios) was speeding over the hill and smoke was coming off of the ground because they were trying to stop... the man who was unlocking the gate then jumped onto the side of the road... and the car broke the lock as it crashed right through the gate. This force on the gate, led it to bury itself into the ground on the hills by the road. The car kept coming, still very fast... the biker infront of us jumped off of his bike, landing on a pole (got and injured leg). Then came us. The car was at a very high speed, even though he was trying to stop at the top of the hill as well as broke the gate. We had a head on collision, giving me a leg problem, sonia a hip problem and both of us mental tramatizations. I cannot get this image out of my head, and I figured writing about it would help a bit, as well as drawing the situation on paper during class or something. Then came later that night...

We had a thunder storm... it wasn't a light one- it turned the power off, and the power as well as water are going to be off for a long time. While we had power at that time, i was watching alias (though the weather station kept interrupting and making me miss very exciting parts of the show...) Once the weather station stopped broadcasting, alias came back on... I saw vaughn and syndney come through the door where Sloan and Nadia were... but then... THE DAM POWER WENT OUT. Because the power went out, I was unable to do my homework as planned, so i figured it would be back on in the morning... I waited until morning, but there wasn't ne power... I did my painting by candlelight (it eended up having white spots on it because I coudl not see them in the dark)

I had history and got my test back. There is not an explanation for this one, becuase I studied my ass off... like usual... but i studied more and harder... but no. Mr. SMARTY PANT ASS WIPE DICK FACE BASTARD decides that he doesn't want me to even have a good grade (above a C) on his tests or even in his class.


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Homeword Bound (a poem i wrote)   
08:55am 26/05/2004
mood: creative
Its good to be back
From the harbor
Seeing the fractions
Of normal attractions
Its got me asking

O where could I be going
Running through the crowd
Unfamiliar faces open up to me
I am home
Just home

They grasp my soul
They rip it apart
Just tear me down
O where could I be going
Just Down

Rising through the clouds
Familiar souls and attractions
Don’t take me down
Down again

I open my eyes
Only to see the ceiling
Good to be back
Back from the harbor
Seeing the fractions
Of normal attractions
You’ve got me asking

O where am I
And I can just say
I’m here
Just home
Home again.

(Give Me the Money!)