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Navy Squash Camp

I know it is really late to be talking about how camp went, but o well... deal with it! When we got to the Naval Academy, it was pretty early so we went to get something to eat... ofcourse we browsed the whole area before choosing a spot. we ended up choosing this nice independent italian pizza place... Guess who walks in... DAVE. it was pretty awkward for a while there, and i was sweating my pits off cause i didn't know wat to say and everything. My dad and his dad ended up talking a lot and i got a few words in there talking about the squash tournaments i played in... and then we left to go check in at the table... ofcourse they came there 30 seconds after we did. Okay--> so I got there pretty early, set up my room, and then went down to the squash courts. I hit around a bit with one of the counselors named John (he was really nice, but practically unnoticable cause of his quietness) and then sat down for a little bit... all of the guys who just met were playing ping pong... they were VERY good at it, might i say- Dave asked me if i wanted to play, and ofcourse i accepted and got crushed! that didn't matter.. but there were two other guys besides dave--> One named Allan and the other named Kyle. Allan was the best at ping pong there. crazy. Dave, Rob, Kyle, Allan, and i would lay around in Dave and Allan's room and listen to Lord of the Rings Soundtrack (we called it power napping).. after time the other guys would get bored of just laying there and talking, but Allan and I would stay in there, pass the candy, and talk... we are very similar people, but lets not get to that yet. O and one night I slept in Rob and Kyle's room cause i felt like it... i woke up early and went back into my room so I wouldnt get in trouble... hehehe. O and one night I almost got in trouble for being in the guys' room after 11... i hid under the desk though, so Matt Dawson didn't find me, but he found Kyle and sent him back to his room.. hehe... o and we tried to slip laxatives in The Slut's drink (very very annoyingn girl named Stephanie... grabbed Allan directly on his... u know wats) O and I was sick for the first couple days, cause (as i recently found out) there was a virus goign around my home... good timing, NOT! One day the swimming pool was closed and Allan and I wanted to go swimming really bad... we ended up dipping our feet in the fountain and talking
O and I got the award for best Yoga... and Dave and Allan's room was the cleanest so they got the award for Cleanest room... im not sure if that one is true though- lol. I just miss everybody, especially Allan, and I really wanna buy the Lord of the Rings Soundtrack so I can RELAX!

I also got offered a job as being a counselor at that camp next year, which would be great so I can stay up in anybody's room as long as I want... i will be younger than some of the campers, but who Cares?! It will be great!
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