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4th of JUly!!!

WEll, i figured it was time to update my live journal. 7 days until Navy Squash Camp and i am really siked! i just need to get some new Navy Sweat Pants, cause mine ripped REALLY BAD... i think it was cause of wear n tear, kinda like how sonia's yale pants turned out. i'm either gonna get those or the ... i dont know. ill just wait until next sunday. I think i sould pack right now or something... i wonder if i should take my usual sports tops and skirts or maybe shorts and shirts, and if i should take some casual clothing for when we have a night on the town, go sailing, and to the movies, and all taht great stuff!! o yea- and i can go swimming so i should take a bathing suit... maybe i should take my laptop too so i can get online when im there just in case i get bored and wanna write in my live journal or play games online

o yea-- Happy 4th of July everybody!!!!
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